DEMAX was founded in 1999 and the name already indicates the most important focus of work at the time – DEMAX started as a production service for large-screen cinema labelled IMAX®.

The love for the big picture has remained – although the company today covers the entire spectrum of modern documentary film production – from scientific-journalistic research over script development to production.

We produce classic documentaries, educational films, media installations and concepts as well as theme films for private clients and government institutions.

We prefer projects that also convince us in terms of content: How do we improve coexistence, how can we contribute to maintain social consensus? What can we learn from history? What is relevant for our lives in a global world?

We are interested in what connects people and overcomes borders!

For the successful accomplishment of our work we rely on a proven network of experienced and highly professional colleagues, all of whom rank among the best in their field.