Following the partial collapse of the House of Wonders in Stone Town a DEMAX Team is now on its way to Zanzibar to cover the rescue operations regarding the Beit-al-Ajaib there. We already have some footage of the building that we did in August 2019, when we engaged a group of geomatics from Cape Town to do a full 3D Lidar scan of the Beit-Al-Ajaib. Through this Lidar scan, the House of Wonders has been preserved, at least in digital form.

DEMAX will acquire on location interviews with Zanzibar’s president, the UNESCO representative, architects, conservationists and historians.

We are offering to TV stations worldwide a short piece on the rescue effort, as well as the history and future of the House of Wonders. We are open for any kind of cooperation.

Please contact us:   (Friedrich Klütsch&Joachim Puls)